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IntelliSort HDS

Posted by Intelligrated (booth # S2003)

Summary of Innovation

The IntelliSort HDS is a patent-pending positive linear sliding shoe sorter with a very compact footprint. It provides the ability to reliably sort e-commerce orders to regional destinations before handing over to last mile parcel carriers – a concept commonly referred to as “zone-skipping.” In an age where fast delivery and low shipping costs provide a competitive edge for e-commerce operations, the IntelliSort HDS can be deployed with a minimal investment in a small footprint to achieve payback in a very short period of time.

Innovation Statement

While other sorters on the market can help with this same application, the IntelliSort HDS is innovative because it is the only compact, positive sorter that precisely sorts irregular e-commerce packaging at a high rate while occupying a compact footprint. The sliding shoe sorter offers positive sortation and patented soft touch technology in a dual sided configuration that revolutionizes how e-commerce shippers can process orders for greater delivery speed and reduced shipping costs.


The expansion of dimensional weight pricing by parcel carriers and the dramatic growth in e-commerce shipments have driven up shipping costs. Solutions capable of reducing these costs provide e-commerce retailers a competitive advantage in the market.


Posted Date 12/12/16
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