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Apex Supply Chain Technologies LLC

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Apex Supply Chain Technologies is one of the world’s leading innovators of intelligent, cloud-based, automated dispensing solutions for industry, retail and the service sector. Our purpose-built solutions replace inefficient manual processes and inventory with security, control, automation, proximate availability and 24/7 data and business intelligence. This results in substantially lower costs, increased productivity and valuable competitive advantages.

All Apex devices are Internet appliances powered by Apex Connect n' Go™ Technology, so there’s no special software to install or maintain. Our proprietary Trajectory Cloud™ platform provides real-time visibility, tracking and control, and can integrate with other enterprise applications such as purchasing, warehouse management and e-commerce systems.

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Media Library

5 Warning Signs of Asset Mismanagement
Running out of critical assets can literally shut down operations. Look out for these five asset mismanagement warning signs to ensure this doesn’t happen to your business.
7 Deadly Sins of Asset Management
To ensure an asset management program is efficient and effective, avoid these seven deadly sins.
Apex Case Study - A Global OEM's Approach to Process Savings
See how Munters, a global air treatment solutions OEM, and WESCO Distribution implemented the ACTYLUS Automated Replenishment System to eliminate stock-outs, recover valuable square footage, and save more than $43K a year in labor costs.
Apex Case Study - How "Smart Bins" are Improving Industrial Supply Chains
“It was like money falling from the sky.” That’s how the president of Assembly Fasteners, Inc. described the new ACTYLUS Smart Bin System that helped the company save $15,000 in the first month. ACTYLUS checks bins automatically and sends reorder alerts straight to your ERP, so it’s easy to grow SKUs and keep customers happy.
Solving Handheld Device Management #TrueStories
Distribution centers rely on handheld electronics to stay productive. They invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in the latest scanners and powerful mobile computers. But when it comes to managing those devices, their systems are hardly foolproof.


Asset Management
You've already invested in the latest wireless, hands-free and handheld technology. But all too often, you face critical challenges in tracking and managing these devices -- which impacts productivity and profitability. The Apex Axcess Automated Locker System puts you in control and gives you a competitive edge 24/7. For more info, visit

Actylus Smart Bin System
Smarter Spaces™ technology eliminates the tags, flags and cards of manual monitoring with proactive restock and reorder alerts right to your ERP. Real-time replenishment alerts and automated ordering put an end to manual counting trips, stock-outs and emergency orders. You keep bins full and customers happy.

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Apex Supply Chain Technologies LLC
4393 Digital Way
Mason, OH 45040

Toll Free: 800.229.7912
Phone: 513.204.2100

Ashley McNamara
Senior Marketing Manager, North America

Kevin Dugan
Senior Global Communications Executive

Kimberly Carroll
Global VP, Marketing


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