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AmbaFlex Inc.

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AmbaFlex is the partner for customised material handling systems based on spiral conveying technology! Our unique spiral conveyor called the SpiralVeyor® is used in a wide range of markets and applications for vertical transportation, temporary storage and the accumulation of single goods and packed products.

We are an independent global company that has developed, produces and also maintains the spiral conveyors system to ensure that our customers receive the most cost effective solutions available today.

Users all over the world already appreciate the level of quality we deliver and our proven experience in their markets. To maintain this leading and trendsetting position, we continuously invest in product innovation and the development of functional solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

We ensure increased up-time by offering global support and through our professional approach to co-operation.

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SpiralVeyor® SV-ML version
The SpiralVeyor® ML is a multi-level spiral elevator. Goods can be entered into the spiral on different levels or be diverted from it. We have experienced good long-term practical performances with speeds up to 60m/min. e.g. 3000-4500 items per hour. Elevation of multiple stock levels is possible with just one spiral.
SpiralVeyor® SVo - ToteLift
The SpiralVeyor® SVo is the economic solution to handle cases with repeating sizes. The pre-defined configuration based on this type is called the ToteLift. This spiral conveyor is used in distribution centres for transporting around the loading dock, in (multi-level) order picking modules, around sorting systems and in goods to man solutions.

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AccuVeyor - dynamic accumulation system
AmbaVeyor - slat belt conveyor
SpiralVeyor - Spiral conveyor, Spiral Elevator

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